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                                         National Boss Day - October 16
Patricia Haroski, a secretary from Deerfield IL, originated National Boss Day in 1958. "I had worked for a large company and noticed that they never had a regular date set to pay tribute to our bosses," Haroski wrote in 1970. "I made inquiries, and through my network of secretaries, decided to establish a day in their honor. Reflecting on how my father had helped his white-collar daughters and sons many times with their problems concerning their work, I decided to register his birthday, October 16, as 'The Day.' In 1958, I gave it some authority by registering October 16 as National Boss Day with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner proclaimed the day. This observance is fun for our bosses, and they do a lot of smiling that day."
Since October 16 falls on a Saturday in 2004, most businesses will most likely celebrate the day on Friday, October 15. Common observes of National Boss Day (aka "Bosses Day") include giving a greeting card, gift, or some other token of appreciation to the "boss" (managers, supervisors or executives). Some organizations hold group activities such as executive appreciation events or boss-of-the-year presentations.

Although the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) has never been officially involved as a sponsor of National Boss Day, many IAAP Chapters hold executive appreciation events at this time. Administrative professionals participating in IAAP's online discussion forums cited the following examples of National Boss Day observances:

bullet"At my company we usually have a luncheon featuring an educational or motivational speaker and we give our bosses gifts."
bullet"I usually give my boss a book relating to leadership or a framed motivational message."
bullet"I give a greeting card or note of appreciation to my executive.  We work well together as a team, and he deserves the recognition."
bullet"Our IAAP chapter holds an executive appreciation breakfast every year. We also award an Executive of the Year plaque. The chapter members nominate their executives with a letter detailing their background, education, and community service activities. The winner is chosen by a committee of the assistants of the three previous winners. The winning boss really seems to appreciate it."
bullet"We are planning a National Boss Day event that will feature awards for funniest boss, coolest boss, best dressed boss and most supportive boss. We received rave reviews for this event last year, from both the bosses and staff."
bullet"I surprised our branch manager with a card signed by our office staff. We also pitched in for donuts for the entire staff of 60. This is one way we celebrate little successes throughout the year -- and it helps to keep morale up. I also bought a card for my immediate supervisor."
bullet"Last year, a local hotel co-sponsored our IAAP chapter Bosses Day event. The VP of Human Resources of a large hotel company spoke on stellar customer service, and related it to how we as admins regularly provide such service to our executives and work groups. Our executives were also reminded how much they appreciate us."

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